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over 2 years ago

Perfect Talk for Devs and Innovators - Surgical Augmented Reality Assistance (SARA) for neurosurgical and orthopedic procedures

We have a neurosurgeon and an engineer talking about the interdisciplinary journey to create the Surgical Augmented Reality Assistance project. For more information, visit the website. 

Head-worn Augmented Reality devices have been appearing on the market since 2015 and have the potential to revolutionise the way surgery is performed. Many practical issues need to be solved, however, before they can be used during surgical interventions. The SARA project (Surgical Augmented Reality Assistance) emerged as a collaboration between surgeons and engineers and aims to develop a highly accurate AR-solution for use in the operating theatre for neurosurgical and orthopedic interventions. During this talk, the multidisciplinary collaboration as well as the actual developments in the project will be discussed.

For more information or to register, please visit the website.